What is ultrasonic hydrogen sensor ?

|What is the hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic?

The hydrogen sensor using ultrasonic uses a unique property that the sound velocity in hydrogen is about 4 times faster than in the air. Therefore, it is possible to measure hydrogen concentration by measuring the sound velocity variation when hydrogen is mixed in the air after the hydrogen leakage.


 (1)Detection device : Transmitter/Receiver, Thermometer

 (2)Calculation device : LCD、CPU



 (1)Detection limit:H2 100ppm-100% [Fig]

 (2)Response time:Around 1msec [Fig]

 (3)No need for hydrogen adsorption and Calibration



 (1)No need for heating up

 (2)Simple structure

 (3)Continuous detection 

 (4)Has a fast detection time(msec)

 (5)No need for calibration

 (6)Strong for environment